Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Sight

September 9, 0203 hrs

Walking along a silent path,
In a rainy night, and a deserted heart.
Cool breeze and cloudy sky,
And I took a warm sigh.

Suddenly, A warm breeze thumped my heart high,
When I saw a bright face in the dark night.
Her sudden glare reasoned the excitement in my realm,
She was like someone I saw in my dream.

Through the rain drops, the view of her face,
I was numb and prolonged to gaze.
Opened my eyes wide to get her vision,
Chafed them hard to discern, if it is an illusion.
An accent from my heart makes a sound,
She is an angel alighted on the ground.
Like the sun was hiding in her long hair,
As in the struggle to manifest, it was despair.

An eerie feeling captured my world,
As in her breathe, my life was curled.
I felt my love for her sets to begin,
When I opened my heart to let her in.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Your Lies

July 24, 2300 hrs

Dark night with stars and moon,
And the lonely me.
Still I could hear your heartbeats,
Where could you be?

I lengthened my arms,
To sense you in the cool breeze.
Your warm touch in the cold night,
Stops my body to freeze.

Closed eyes give your vista,
And your feel in every heartbeat,
Your thoughts always toll in my mind,
And in my every dream, we meet.

Your eyes are so beautiful and bold,
I love you from my heart and my soul.
Loving you is just my passion and desire,
But your every lie sets my world on fire.