Monday, October 26, 2009


January 14, 0000 hrs

A man used to pass through a way daily.
There use to be a rock in his way.
It always thumps him.
The man always curses the rock for being of no use and always hindering the travellers.
Once, an artist passed the same way.
He recognized the inner beauty of the rock and pared it into a structure of god, and positioned it aside.
Next day, following his daily routine, the man passed the way. He saw that beautiful structure of god and bowed his head against him. He admired the work of the artist, as well as the beauty of the stone.
He admired the beauty of the rock, he cursed before.

  Until your eternal qualities are shown to others, they will not admire you. You have to hype yourself. You have to show your strengths and qualities else they would be lay to rest and will be diminished.