Friday, April 16, 2010


April 15, 2300 hrs

In the matter concerning SPIRITUAL WORLD (AADHYAATM JAGAT), always think ABSOLUTELY, still work RELATIVELY. Because, when it comes to spirituality, one should always think in an absolute manner (like GOD), Still one should work relatively so as to keep oneself away from egoism. After all we all are human beings, we can never emulate the ALMIGHTY.

           On the contrary, in the matters concerning MUNDANE WORLD (ASAAR SANSAAR), one should always think relatively, still work ABSOLUTELY. Because, when it comes to the mundane world, one is supposed to think in a relative manner. Every one has got his/her own world. One can never think about the whole world in his/her entire lifetime. still one should always work in an absolute manner (like GOD) by treating everyone equally.

-----------this is the theory of RELATIVITY AS UNDERSTOOD BY ME.