Wednesday, September 16, 2009


September 07, 2300 hrs

This is the prayer, I reminisce, when I feel depressed, When I find myself in abyss. This inspires me more than any thnig in this world.

I m in degradation,
I m in suffocation,
I want to lead to the
Life without depression
Please help me oh! Lord, please help me!

To fulfill the need of mine,
To fulfill the desire of mine,
Help me oh! Lord
To attain the sunshine.

I have mountain in my way,
I have abyss in my path,
I have to cross the flood,
I have to face the drought.

But I wish to you-
Don’t remove the mountain,
Give strength to climb it,
Don’t remove the abyss,
Give power to skip it.
Don’t delay the flood,
Give strength to cope with it.
Don’t put off the drought,
Give strength to survive it.
Help me to fulfill the dreams,
Help me to fulfill the desires.
I will be the one
Whom people will admire!!!!


May 05, 2230 hrs

Who are you?
The one who hurts?
Or the one who really cares?
The one who shares my agonies?
Or the cause of them?

The Experience of my life
Made me realize,
How alone a person is,
When he comes on earth?


Struggles to make friends,
Struggles to find the one,
Who reaaly could take care of him,
Who finds him always right,
With whom he can have a cute fight.
Who can be the mother when he needs care,
And the father when he needs tickets fare.

He is searching what?
Actually he is searching himself in others.
But never peers inside his own secluded heart,
Who always screams,
"Hey man there is no one to care for you"
No one who really smiles when you laugh,
No one who cry for your tears,
No one who laugh for your cheers.

You are born alone,
You will die alone.
You have to fall alone,
You have yo fly alone.

Its his own heart who glitters for his joy,
Who screams for his pain,
Who crys when he is in vain.

Value yourself! 
You are yourself efficient to cross the barriers of life.
If not, make yourself efficient. 
No one  but you can understand yourself better.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


January 02, 2100 hrs 
It was the noon time.
The master was teaching the lesson to his students. The students were asked to hit the eye of the dummy of the bird kept some distance apart by their arrow.
Every student, one-by-one, played his luck. But no one succeeded. The master was depressed. His archers are not to the point he wanted him to be.
Then comes the last boys turn. He touched the feet of his master and the bow. He released the arrow from the bow and hitted the bird on its eye. Every one was surprised. How can a boy be so accurate in this young age? The master got very happy with his young archer, and gave him the blessing of being the bright star in the future. The boy said, “Sir! I am great full to you, but I cannot accept your blessings, as in my opinion, it is equivalent to a curse. If I would be a star, I would be of no use to anyone. Someone can only admire my beauty. Rather, I would be great full if I be a stone. At least I would be utilized to form a path way for traveler.” The master got very happy with the honorable thinking of young boy.
Do you know who the boy was? He was named the great “ARJUNA”.

Be the one who work for others and do the work that worth to others.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


February 15, 0000 hrs 
That was a midnight.
I was siting in my room. Silent all around.
No one to disturb. I could hear my breathe.
Something going on in my messed mind. But I was not sure what was that.
Suddenly someone knocked the door.
I got on the ball.
It was a strnage feeling.
I was a bit afraid as if who could be this?
The door knocked twice.
I asked, "who is this?"
The outsider replied, "Its me OPPPORTUNITY".
i chuckled.
And replied, "Your are lying".
The outsider asked. "How are you so sure that I am lying?" 
 I said, "I know this because, "OPPORTUNITY NEVER KNOCKS TWICE".
                                     Every person gets opportunity in there life. But only few could make out them and work on them. Others are so busy in there idle life that, they find it beside the point. So try to make out the opportunity coming frequently in your life. And you will find your self on the path of grand success.....