Tuesday, December 21, 2010


December 21,2300 hrs

Treasured was the day when I saw u first,
First time ever; my heart emersed.
I felt eerie inside me,
What sensation; it could be?

The bell of my heart began to toll,
The hand of love then touched my soul.
The wind was filled with lovebirds’ cries,
When I looked into your eyes.

We didn’t speak but our eyes spoke,
We shared each moment we shared every talk.
Each breath became a thousand sighs,
When I looked into your eyes.

You were my breath of air; my light of day,
My eyes always understand whatever your eyes say.
I always saw the mirror image of mine,
When I looked into your eyes.

I could never thought to replace you,
But I m puzzled; then how could you?
Now fatefully you are not with me,
My eyes will guard you wherever you will be.

But I don’t blame you for this hard time,
Loving you was my major crime.
But, I wish to see them once, before I die,
Your those innocent, deceiving eyes.