Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Piece of Me Slowly Dies

October 03, 0230 hrs

Sitting around relaxing,
An evening filled with love,
Forgetting the world outside,
As the stars shine above.

Pinching myself now-and-then,
To see if I'm still alive.
But when your face comes into my mind,
My heart goes on Love-Drive.

When I see you crossing by me,
I feel something strange in the air,
I couldn't help myself,
I just continue to stare.

This deed of me,
could be troublesome to you .
But I feel away for a while,
What should I do?

The sudden presence of you,
Is like shimmering new moon.
No matter when you leave,
Its always soon.

All I want is to,
Never say you good-bye,
But whenever you leave my realm,
Another piece of me slowly dies...

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