Friday, October 1, 2010


October 1, 2200 hrs

Today I got the thought of you,
But for me, it’s nothing new.
Your picture comes into my mind,
Like an early morning’s drop of dew.

Whenever my mind thinks about you,
The feel in my heart goes blue,
Your every think reminds me of,
Our sweet memories, our lengthy talks.

I remember the time we meet,
Your voice, in my ears always tweets.
I love you darling; I love you so much,
Don’t ever slacken your hands clutch.

I miss your love; I miss your care,
But this never makes me feel despair.
This makes me proud and realize,
To find such a companion is so rare.

Between the nights my eye opens,
If you can come out of dreams, just once.
I miss you so much that I can’t sleep,
This makes me realize that my love is deep.

I suddenly gets strongly stub,
Into your feel, N your passionate love.
My hands rise to hold you tight,
But cannot find you by my side.
 But this will never perturb me,
You will be cared, wherever you be.

That is what I felt for you,
When I got the thought of you.


  1. hey dis is realyy too chweet...keep writin..

  2. seems sum1 u kept in mind to write ths..:) nice..